Softek Barcode Reader Toolkit for Windows – read barcodes from images


A comprehensive SDK for reading barcodes from images, bitmaps and PDF documents.

With over 20 years of development the toolkit is used world-wide in applications as diverse as logistics, legal, banking, museums, science, government, lottery, housing & manufacturing. For an evaluation license with full support please contact

demo barcode reader SDK


  • 1D & 2D barcodes
  • .NET, Python, Java, COM & DLL
  • PDF(*), TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF & BMP
  • Disk, stream or memory
  • Split TIF and PDF
  • Multi-threading


  • 30-day evaluation
  • 12 months support and upgrades
  • Perpetual licenses
  • Pricing from US$249
  • Distribution License available
  • Pre-sales support

*Optional module